CyanogenMod 13 – Fixes for problems after the update

I’ve upgraded my OnePlus One yesterday to the latest cyanogen mod version. But after the installation I ran into some errors which seem to be pretty common.

Note: I’m using the official cm 13 builds and not the ones provided by oneplus.

Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped

Download the latest version of Open Gapps and flash them in your recovery. If you’ve got a OnePlus One like me the platform is ARM otherwise just look it up using your favourite search engine 🙂
If you don’t know which version of Gapps you should use have a look at this



Unfortunately Setup Wizard Has Stopped

After fixing the Google stuff I’ve been facing a new error. My setup wizard was constantly crashing. This is really annoying because you have to press ok every single time the message pops up which happens every second.
To fix this we pull down our notification drawer and go to settings. Now we’re looking for „apps“ and in the menu bar on the right side press the three dots and select „show system“. This allows us to select the „Setup Wizard“ app in the list below. Make sure that when you select Setup Wizard it has a green android icon and the text below the version says „“. The cyanogen system comes with a setup wizard, too but it’s not the one we have to make changes in.
Now that we’re in the setup wizard app info we can select „Permissions“ and enable both Contacts and Phone. Congrats. You’ve fixed the error!

Unfortunately Clock Has Stopped

Everything worked fine at this moment but every now and then a dialog popped up and told me that the clock has stopped working. So let’s fix this guy, too. Go to settings -> apps -> clock and delete the cache/data and it should work properly again (you can verify this by trying to set an alarm).

Unfortunately XY Has Stopped

I’ve had some other problems with apps like twitter or my theme didn’t change properly. Reinstalling apps and rebooting my phone helped a lot.

If you’ve faced the same problems but found another fix just tell me and I will add it to the list.
Hope this helped 🙂

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